How To Make French Toast

French toast is a very popular dish in France. It is very tasty and very easy to make. It had some key points which we have to keep in mind when we’re making it. So that we make it perfect whenever we try to. French toast flavour is a creamy flavour with cinnamon.

The star of this dish is cinnamon which enhances the flavour of it and also gives it a nice twist. So without wasting any time, we will start to learn how to make breakfast perfect French toast with simple steps and very delicious flavour.

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In order to make French toast the ingredients we need are 4 to 5 bread slices, eggs, sugar, salt, butter, cinnamon, honey and most importantly your love.


  1. So the first step to making French toast is to take a bowl now.
  2. Add 4 to 5 eggs of milk and a pinch of salt and start whisking it till the milk and salt are mixed with the eggs well.
  3. Now add half a spoon of sugar, a small spoon of butter, and cinnamon powder and mix it well. We have to mix it. Till all the ingredients mix properly with the eggs.
  4. Now at medium flame take a pan and add 2 teaspoons of butter to it now take the slices of bread and dip the slices properly into the mixture of the egg after dipping it slowly drop the bread slices into the pan and now cook, the bread till the bread toss, a golden brown both the sides.
  5. Now your French toast is ready to serve, serve with a spoon of honey, honey is very important in French toast because it adds an authentic taste to it and it also enhances the flavour of the whole dish.

The key points which we have to keep in mind when we are making French toast are we have to make the egg mixture properly and not add water to the mixture. This is the biggest mistake that we make when we’re making French toast. The next mistake we make is when we are dipping the bread slices in the egg mixture we have to depend gently so that it doesn’t break if it will break. We also have to avoid overcooking the bread because it also destroys the creamy texture of it.

I hope this recipe of French toast will be helpful for you and that you will also be able to make the perfect French toast for everyone. Thanks for reading.

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