How To Make Shahi Tukda At Home

Shahi Tukda is a very famous dish in India. It’s loved by everyone and it’s very tasty and easy to make. There are some points that we have to keep in mind when we’re making Shahi Tukda at home in order to make it perfect. Shahi Tukda is a mixture of rich milk, Kesar, and fried bread.

The breads are fried in Desi ghee so that the dish becomes more flavourful. Overall shahi tukda is a dish that you can try. So without wasting any time, let’s get started on how to make shahi tukda at home with simple steps and delicious flavor.

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In order to make shahi tukda, the ingredients we all need are 2L of milk, desi ghee, bread, cardamom powder, milkmaid, sugar, saffron, dry fruits of your choice, and most importantly, your love.


  1. The first step to make shahi tukda at home is to take a pan add 2 L of milk and start boiling it until it becomes half in quantity.
  2. After 10 to 12 minutes, we have to add 5 to 7 tablespoons of sugar. It totally depends on you.
  3. You can use more or less sugar in your milk mixture. In this process, the gas must be in low to medium flame and we have to stir the milk throughout the process.
  4. Also in this process, the cream of the milk starts sticking on the corners of the pan so you have to scratch it from the corner and mix it again with the milk to make it thick and more tasty.
  5. After the milk becomes half in quantity, you have to add Milkmaid saffron you have to dissolve saffron in hot milk so that it releases its color and taste before adding it and cardamom powder as per taste if you are adding more milkmaid so you can use less quantity of sugar or you can also skip it if you don’t prefer more sugar in your food.
  6. Now the milk mixture is ready. Turn off the gas and cool it down.
  7. Our  50% work is done. Now you have to cut the corners of the bread and deep fry the bread in ghee or oil until the bread colour changes into golden brown.
  8. After the bread color changes to golden brown, take a plate of tissue paper and take out the bread pieces on the plate of tissue paper.
  9. It will soak the extra oil and make it more crispy.
  10. Now take a deep bowl of glass or steel. Now firstly arrange all the bread in the bottom of the bowl and add the milk mixture that we had made.
  11. Now add another layer of bread and again add another layer of milk mixture.
  12. Now the milk mixture layer will be thicker than before or you can add all the mixture to the bowl. It’s ready to serve. Top it with dry fruits of your choice and a pinch of cardamom powder and saffron threads. Now it’s finally ready to eat and enjoy.

The master tip while making shahi tukda is to boil the milk on low to medium flame. If you boil it in a high flame then the chances of burning increase. when you are adding the ingredients to the milk mixture. Don’t add it at one time it will make lambs add it slowly, which enhances the flavor. When you are deep frying bread, fry it when the oil or ghee is super hot, and don’t overcook the bread. When you are layering the Shahi Tukda. Don’t compromise when You’re pouring the milk mixture because the actual test of shahi tukda is in the milk mixture.

I hope this recipe is helpful for you and you were able to make the perfect Shahi Tukda at home. Thanks for eating.

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