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Top 7 Tourist Places In California

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Hey, this is your traveler friend and today we are going to find out about California and the seven Best tourist places in California. California is famous for its Golden Gate Bridge and the Hollywood sign. The beautiful tourist places and the standing coastline which are around natural beauty make California special. California is also the capital of avocados in the world which is very interesting and every year Fallbrook celebrates avocado festivals, which is a really interesting fact about it.

Is part of mines of adventures, peaches, inspiring national Parks, and whatnot. And also it is an incredibly beautiful experience for every visitor in California. As a tourist, you can experience different types of experiences. You can also gain a lot of knowledge here.

So without wasting any time let’s find out about the best seven tourist places in California which you must visit.

Monterey Bay Aquarium

This aquarium is the most beautiful and wonderful experience for anyone, it doesn’t matter. What your age is definitely love to visit it and experience the whole marine life. I would love to see the diverse marine life including the world’s largest octopus penguins and sea otters kept here.

It’s an aquarium full of excitement and enjoyment. Visiting this aquarium will give you a lifetime experience for sure. This is one of the most famous aquariums in California and also around the world.


Stanford is located in Salinas. Steinbeck Centre honors Nobel Prize-winning John Steinbeck. It’s a beautiful place to visit. From here you will see a beautiful view and also feel the natural beauty of nature. The natural beauty and the beautiful silence make this place more variety to visit. Here you can feel your inner voice and also connect with nature closely. So you should surely visit this place.


Disneyland is located in Anaheim and it is the top family vacation destination in the US. The huge amusement parks with all kinds of rides, game shows, entertainment restaurants, and hotels make this place the perfect vacation destination. This park is a combination of Theme rides and cultural rides. This place is the perfect destination for children but it’s also exciting for adults because you can have different types of experiences here.

The huge crowd and long lines are the problems here. So my suggestion is that you book your tickets before visiting Disneyland and also book your ride tickets for a better and smoother experience. Also don’t forget to visit shopping at the downtown Disney district and Disney Adventure Park. It’s very exciting, especially for children. Overall Disneyland is a great experience to have in your life so take your time and experience this place fully. because without exploring Disneyland your California trip will be incomplete. So you must visit this place for sure.

Death Valley National Park

Death Valley National Park is one of the famous tourist places in California, some of the most inhospitable terrain with extreme heat, but with amazing natural beauty. Unique rock formations, salt fields, sand, dunes, and mountains, at least that lie below sea level altogether three years of unique landscape in this beautiful valley. Sand dunes near the stovepipe wells Badwater basin Dante’s view is easily accessible to reach with a regular vehicle.

This valley is perfect for a day trip but you can also stay here at night and explore more if you feel that. I will not suggest it. I will suggest visiting this value in the early daytime drive through the park’s lookouts, Hiking short trails, and paddling in the shallow bad-water lake. Experience the sunset with natural beauty and silence. And this will be your lifetime experience for sure.

Redwood National and State Park

Redwood National and State Park is really famous around the world. this is the forest with giant redwood towering more than 300 feet above your face like entering a different era

And experiencing something really historic. The trees from the Jurassic period. With huge height will give you a very different view all around. These are the tallest trees on the planet and also one of the greatest treasures of California. Campsite in the park mix of reservable and first served Sites. All the sites have picnic tables, beer lockers, and fire pits for storing the food. Sites are nearly reservable for up to 30 days except when it’s summer and in summer this duration comes to 15 days. Overall, it’s a very good experience to have. When you enter this park you will surely go to a different era. So you should visit this place for once.

Panther Flat Campground

Panther Flats Campground is located at Highway 199, Redwood Highway, Northeast of Jedediah Smith Redwood State Park. There are many campgrounds in six rivers and national forests, but none of the campsites or actually Riverfront. This campground is a good alternative.

If you can’t find camping in the park and if you are visiting Smith Redwood State Park it’s 30 minutes away from this park. Here nature will offer you a great time with natural beauty and privacy. You can have your reservation six months in advance. Summer weekends and holidays are the peak time of this Site. so if you want your space and not too much crowd, you can visit it on non-holidays and normal weekends.

So these are the top six popular and must-visit tourist places in California. Other than these places, you can also visit Channel Island, National Park, Palm Springs Aerial Tramway, USS Midway Museum, Santa Catalina Island, Universal Studios of Hollywood, and many more. That’s all about  California’s Best tourist places.

Lastly, I hope this article is helpful for you and you are able to plan your trip very smoothly without any problem. Happy journey. Thanks for reading.


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